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GV-IP Decoder Box (Código: GV-IP Decoder Box)
Fabricante: geovision
Peso: 1,450 Grams

Descrição do produto


The GV-IP Decoder Box is designed to decode incoming IP streams from GeoVision and third-party IP devices, and displaying them on a monitor. To be used with only a monitor, the GV-IP Decoder Box provides a cost-effective solution for video surveillance as opposed to the traditional DVR and PC setup. The security administrator can monitor channels, take snapshots of critical moments, and pause at a channel when events occur, all through the supplied remote control. GV-Joystick can be installed to control GeoVision and third-party PT / PTZ / Speed Dome cameras.

  • Decode video streams in H.264 codec at a maximum frame rate of the IP device
  • Decode up to 5 megapixel IP cameras
  • Decode up to 64 IP streams
  • Support for third-party IP cameras that adhere to RTSP, ONVIF or PSIA
  • Support for display of Matrix view through GV-Mobile Server
  • Support for 10/100 Ethernet over LAN
  • Support for Wi-Fi
  • Support for single and sequential display
  • VGA and HDMI Video outputs
  • Video output resolution up to 1080p
  • Support for GV-Joystick control of GeoVision and third-party PT, PTZ and Speed Dome cameras
  • Support for remote firmware upgrade, IP address configuration and addition of new channel
  • IR remote control
  • SD card and USB drive for snapshot storage and firmware upgrade 
  • * No SD/SDHC card slot & local storage function for Argentina

The GV-IP Decoder Box is compatible with: 
1. Most GeoVision IP devices (of the indicated firmware versions) using H.264 codec 
2. GV-SD200 using H.264 codec through ONVIF 
3. Third-party IP devices that support H.264 and adhere to RTSP, ONVIF or PSIA.

Supported GeoVision IP Devices
Device Type Models Firmware Versions
Box Camera GV-BX110D V1.08 or later
All models 
(except GV-BX110D)
V1.06 or later
Bullet Camera GV-BL110D V1.08 or later
All models 
(except GV-BL110D)
V1.06 or later
Cube Camera 
Fixed Dome
Vandal Proof IP Dome
All models V1.06 or later
Mini Fixed Dome GV-MFD110 V1.08 or later
All models 
(except GV-MFD110)
V1.06 or later
PT Camera 
PTZ Camera
V1.02 or later 
V1.0 or later
Speed Dome GV-SD010 
V1.02 or later 
V1.0 or later
Video Server GV-VS04H V1.04 or later
Video Server GV-VS11 V1.0 or later
Video Server GV-VS12 V1.05 or later
Compact DVR GV-Compact DVR V3 series only V1.0 or later
IMPORTANT: The connected GeoVision and third-party channels must be set with H.264 codec to be compatible.


To decode and display non-H.264 IP channels or analog channels, connect the devices to GV-System and access them through GV-Mobile Server. The supported devices are listed below.

Supported Devices Connected to GV-System
Analog cameras
All models of GeoVision IP cameras, GV-Video Server, GV-Compact DVR, GV-IP Speed Dome, GV-Smart Box and GV-DSP LPR
11 brands of third-party IP cameras. For detail, see
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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